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We Build, We Design, We Create, We Develop, We Maintain and We Troubleshoot


ZolarsNation Tech Connect ICT is know by it Powerful Brand Imprint Design and Colour Grading Effect.


Search Engine Optimization, and Console are our daily bread when it comes to Search Engine services ZolarsNation Tech will gives you a stream line services to google console


Web Design and Development is what ZolarsNation Tech connect does very well. both the FrontEnd and the BackEnd design & development, using powerful tools and services.

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We brand Logos, Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Official Website, Social Media Environment and Others.

Web Design

Web Build Website through your choice of web layout. ZolarsNation Gives you all the best you required.

Search Engine Optimization

Using power tool and software to thrive console and Yoast SEO, we also integrate Google console

Digital Marketing

We do Digital Marketing as a social media Influencers, Email Marketing, Content Creation & others.


We are good in anchoring events such as wedding, burials, anniversary, birthday etc. we train on how to edit powerful photos and 3d glass image.  

Graphics Design

considered you self lucky to learn with ZolarsNation Tech Connect ICT because we would mentor you hand-in-hand. with experience software and Illustrators to create a good graphics

Work with a Team of Talented Design Through ZolarsNation

To inspire young youth and adult to the world of possibility as a global village, By providing a wide variety of computer learning on both hardware and software operations in different perspective around the global world, and to eradicate the low level of computer illiteracy possess among Junior, Senior and Tertiary Schools. By producing good Graphics Designers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Software Designers, Application Developers, Hardware Engineers, Office Managers and Media Producers.

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See WHy People and Client Like ZolarsNation Tech ICT, Ugep Cross River State.

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ZolarsNation Tech Connect ICT is an Online/Offline Training Institute that tag at the aim of Training Students in ICT Industry World Wide. Our Aim and Objectives are to eradicate the low level of computer literacy possess among Senior, senior and Tertiary Institute